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Autologous Cancer Cell Vaccine (ACCV)

Therapies using ACCV can enhance a patient's immune system's ability to attack invading cancer cells... cancer cells remaining after surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy have failed.


ACCV are obtained by processing a patient's tumor specimen and separating the lymphocytes from the cancer cells. These cancer cells are grown in the laboratory. After weeks of closely monitored growth, the resulting ACCV are prepared for patient treatment.

  • An average ACCV growth by CCTI produces sufficient vaccine for 4-10 injections.
  • CCTI can provide an established treatment protocol and nursing procedure guidelines.
  • CCTI can provide orientation and training of selected client personnel if desired.
  • Dr. Robert K. Oldham is available to discuss specific patient details


  • Can stimulate the patient's immune system to attack invading cancer cells and has the potential to generate a clinical response.
  • Enhances the hospital's ability to participate in clinical trials.
  • Can contribute to increasing the hospital's patient census.
  • Provides a competitive advantage for the local treatment facility.



ACCV therapy can be considered for patients having a malignancy, except for those whose physical or mental conditions, in the opinion of their physician, rule out cell-related therapies.

  • Specific emphasis should be placed on melanoma and renal cell carcinoma.
  • Patients requiring re-operations due to failed treatments involving surgery, chemiotherapy and radiation therapy are prime candidates for ACCV.



Research Service Charge

Cryopreservation and Processing


ACCV Feasibility
(cannot occur until after cryopreservation / processing)


ACCV Growth
(4-10 treatments)



  • Average tumor size cryopreserved is 3.5 grams.
  • Greater than 50% success rate for growing ACCV from a varying range of tumor types and sizes.
  • Average number of cancer cells cryopreserved after completion of a ACCV Feasibility equals 1.5 x 109.
  • Average ACCV growth produces 5 x 109 cells. (4-10 treatments).

Cancer Cellular Therapeutics, Inc. (CCTI) is a leader in activated cell technology offering Autologous Tumor Cell Vaccines.


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