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Tumor Derived Activated Cells (TDAC)

(Often referred to as Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes/TIL)


Therapies using TDAC can enhance a patient's immune system's ability to attack invading cancer cells... cancer cells remaining after surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy have failed.

TDAC are obtained by processing a patient's tumor specimen and separating the lymphocytes from the cancer cells. These tumor-specific T-lymphocytes are activated with the FDA-approved drug, Interleukin-2, to stimulate cell reproduction in a bioreactor. After weeks of closely monitored growth, the resulting billions of TDAC are harvested into infusion bags and sent back to the patient's treatment facility for infusion.

  • An average TDAC growth by CCTI produces 1.28 x 1011 cells. (3.2 x 1010 average for each of the 4 infusions).
  • CCTI can provide an established treatment protocol and nursing procedure guidelines.
  • CCTI can provide orientation and training of selected client personnel if desired.
  • Dr. Robert K. Oldham is available to discuss specific patient details.


  • Can stimulate the patient's immune system to attack invading cancer cells and has the potential to generate a clinical response.
  • Enhances the hospital's ability to participate in clinical trials.
  • Can contribute to increasing the hospital's patient census.
  • Provides a competitive advantage for the local treatment facility.



TDAC therapy can be considered for patients having a malignancy, except for those whose physical or mental condition, in the opinion of their physician, rule out cell-related therapies.

  • Specific emphasis should be placed on melanoma and renal cell carcinoma.
  • Patients requiring re-operations due to failed treatments involving surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are prime candidates for TDAC.



Research Service Charge

Cryopreservation and Processing


TDAC Feasibility
(cannot occur until after cryopreservation / processing)


TDAC Growth
(4 infusion treatments)



  • Average tumor size cryopreserved is 3.5 grams.
  • Greater than 80% success rate for growing TDAC from a varying range of tumor types and sizes.
  • Average number of lymphocytes cryopreserved after completion of a TDAC Feasibility equals 1.5 x 109.
  • Average TDAC growth produces 1.28 x 1011 cells. (4 infusions at an average of 3.2 x 1010 cells each).

Cancer Cellular Therapeutics, Inc. (CCTI) is a leader in activated cell technology offering Tumor Derived Activated Cells (TDAC).


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