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Founded as Cancer Therapeutics™, Inc. in 1991, we now operate as Cancer Cellular Therapeutics Inc. (CCTI) to emphasize the cellular nature of our Cancer Therapeutics™. CCTI's laboratory offers access to technologies grouped under the modality of Biotherapy. Biotherapy is based on treatments that enhance the patient's own immune system to attack the invading cancer. Research has shown cancer to be a highly individualized disease. Treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation work well for some patients, but may not be effective for others. Therefore, Biotherapy has become the fourth method for treating cancer.

CCTI services are not currently available and will not be available until new capital is raised.

Dr. Robert K. Oldham

This organization is under the guidance of Dr. Robert K. Oldham, an internationally recognized oncology/hematology specialist. Dr. Oldham has realized his dream of making advanced treatments easily available to cancer patients by establishing CCTI, and the related Clinical Services. He is regarded as a leading pioneer in the development and use of Biotherapy. Dr. Oldham has been listed in "The Best Doctors of America" since Woodward / White began publishing the list.

Cryopreservation is a process where a patient's surgically removed tumor tissue is specially processed, preserved and stored in a living condition in liquid nitrogen for future use. Cryopreservation is the "gateway" to biotherapy in that it provides options for additional treatments such as Tumor Derived Activated Cells (TDAC) or Vaccines should standard therapy fail or cancer recur. Tumor Derived Activated Cells are obtained by processing a patient's tumor specimen in CCTI's highly specialized laboratory and selectively grow the T-lymphocytes (T-cells) from the tumor. These tumor-specific cells are activated with the FDA-approved drug, Interleukin-2, and then placed into a bioreactor. After weeks of closely monitored growth, the resulting billions of TDAC cells are harvested into an infusion bag and sent back to the oncologist for patient infusion. CCTI's laboratory is a industry leader in processing tumor derived cells in a bioreactor process to produce TDAC for this advanced therapy.

The tumor specimen is sent to CCTI's laboratory where it is processed and the cancer cells are cultured to develop a tumor cell line. Cells are irradiated to prevent growth. Vials of cells are cryopreserved and prepared for patient treatment.

This program is currently on "clinical hold" by the FDA and not currently available.

The CCTI laboratory provides rapidly emerging cell-related technologies that can assist oncologists in treating advanced cancer patients. Biotherapy is firmly established - along with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation - as the fourth modality of cancer treatment. New biological drugs, such as Interferons and Interleukins, are emerging on an accelerated basis and the therapies utilizing them show great promise. Click here to read more...

Cancer Cellular Therapeutics, Inc. (CCTI) is a leader in activated cell technology offering cell cryopreservation (CryoBank) services, Tumor Derived Activated Cells (TDAC) and Autologous Tumor Cell Vaccines.

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