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Tumor Tissue Processing and Preservation


Advances in molecular biology allow surgically-removed tumor tissue to be processed and stored in a living condition indefinitely. Cryopreserved tumor tissue remains available to use in accessing current and future treatment options as needed.


  • The tissue may be the important source of vital treatment information.....currently.
  • It allows positioning to utilize an ever-increasing range of treatment the future:
  • TDAC or other activated cell technologies
  • Chemosensitivity assays
  • Hormone receptor assays
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Tumor cell vaccines
  • Genetic analysis
  • Flow cytometry
  • It can provide a head start on growing TDAC or cells for vaccines to pursue these as future treatment options... and without another surgery to obtain additional tumor tissue.
  • Reduces the physician's and hospital's potential liability regarding discarding the tumor and not having tissue available to explore additional treatment options.
  • Creates a competitive advantage for the hospital by providing local access to the CryoBank program.



All malignant tumors should be considered for Cryopreservation except those from patients whose physical condition and medical complications, in the opinion of the attending physician, indicate that future use of cell-related therapies is unlikely. In addition, tumors of the brain and other neurological tissues have not shown measurable benefits from cell-related therapies.



Recognizing that eligible surgeries often are scheduled at the last minute, we can provide fully prepared Tumor Transport Kits within 24 hours. As a normal routine, for physicians and hospitals, we will assist by keeping an adequate number of kits on hand by automatically sending back a replacement kit each time we receive a tumor for processing.



Research Service Charge

Cryopreservation and Processing



Cancer Cellular Therapeutics, Inc. (CCTI) is a leader in activated cell technology offering cell cryopreservation (CryoBank) services.


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